Organized by Quintessa Matranga and Aaron Harbour
Two days only, and by appointment.

Alas! I am morbid,

And have put a purple colour about my brow.

All men seem eating and drinking the

“Joy of the Round Feast,” while I am

Melancholy and silent, as though in a

Gloomy wood, astray.

Strange images of myself did I create

As I gazed into the seeming pit of others

Losing myself in the thoughtfulness

Of my unreal self, as humanity saw me.

But alas! On entering to the consciousness

Of my real being, to find fostering

“The all-prevailling woman,”

And I strayed with her, into the path direct.

“Hail! The Jewel in the Lotus”

-Austin O. Spare


Organized by Quintessa Matranga and Aaron Harbour
Three days only.

The Pleasure in Pleasure

Is the expectation of the actual,

But the actual is a crude awakening

From the blindness;

While that Jester Knowledge exposes Death only,

And the Mirror of Truth reveals nought, but Evolution


This I will call a Rehearsal of Thought

-Austin O. Spare